Maintenance of urban green

Example of the urban green maintenance near the town of Arezzo, model Rotor Speedy 80/100 with tools for 550 mm drill, in the works of elm stumps of about 1 meter in diameter, visible item at this Link


Elimination of stumps in the municipal park in the city of Florence, Rotor S model with drill 1200 mm, oak stumps of about 1 meter in diameter, visible item at this Link

Municipalities of the city of Merano: removing strains on municipal roads, visible item at this Link

Andalusia (Spain), removing stumps of palm trees affected by the disease caused by the "Red Palm Weevil" (Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus), visible item at this Link

Seville (Spain), removing non-invasive stumps in the urban context and in confined spaces, visible item at this Link

Moscow (Russia), effective idea for the quick and safe removal of tree stumps with the firm Rotor, visible item at this Link

Murcia (Spain), complete extraction of stumps from sidewalks, the heart of the stumps has been re-used in biomass power plants, visible item at this Link


Strong decades of experience, ROTOR is positioned today as a leading manufacturer of machines for agriculture / forestry sector, especially its production is concentrated in machinery for the extraction of previously felled tree roots and application equipment planting of new trees.

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